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Wobbly Earth means your horoscope is wrong stars shifted over 2,000 years so horoscope signs are nearly a month off.  

While this does not come as a huge shock to some, others are a bit more on the temperamental side about it. Astrologers have added a thirteenth zodiac sign to the already famous line up.
The new sign is Ophiuchus, the serpent holder, the dates that now hold this sign run from November 29 to December 17.

Ophiuchus is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is Greek for 'serpent-bearer', and it is commonly represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens. Ophiuchus was one of the 48 constellations listed by the second-century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations. It was formerly referred to as Serpentarius, a Latin word also meaning 'serpent-bearer.'

For the Mythological aspect has four main theories:

The most recent interpretation is that the figure represents the healer Asclepius, who learned the secrets of keeping death at bay after observing one serpent bringing another healing herbs. To prevent the entire human race from becoming immortal under Asclepius' care, Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning, but later placed his image in the heavens to honor his good works.

Another possibility is that the figure represents the Trojan priest Laocoön, who was killed by a pair of sea serpents sent by the gods after he warned the Trojans not to accept the Trojan Horse. This event was also memorialized by the sculptors Agesander, Athenodoros, and Polydorus in the famous marble sculpture Laocoön and his Sons, which stands in the Vatican Museums.

A third possibility is Apollo wrestling with the Python to take control of the oracle at Delphi.

A fourth is the story of Phorbas, a Thessalonian who rescued the people of the island of Rhodes from a plague of serpents and was granted a place in the sky in honor of this deed.


New Zodiac Dates:

Jan   20 - Feb   16 = Capricorn
Feb   16 - March 11 = Aquarius
March 11 - April 18 = Pisces
April 18 - May   13 = Aries
May   13 - June  21 = Tarus
June  21 - July  20 = Gemini
July  20 - Aug   10 = Cancer
Aug   10 - Sept  16 = Leo
Sept  16 - Oct   30 = Virgo
Oct   30 - Nov   23 = Libra
Nov   23 - Nov   29 = Scorpio
Nov   29 - Dec   17 = Ophiuchus
Dec   17 - Jan   20 = Sagittarius


In my family I'm the only one that keeps my sign, Leo. My sister goes from being a Leo to a Cancer, my dad goes from Gemini to Tarus and my mom goes from being a Capricorn to Sagittarius.


United States
I'm a college student, right now I'm studying to be a Librarian but I do want to get my degree in Psychology one day. The two types of art I like to do is abstract and photography. My little sister, SilverDemonSoul (…) is an artist on DA also.

I like to read and write. I will read just about anything from Shakespeare (favorite writer) to J. K. Rowling and Steven King. I do like to read romance novels and Sherlock Holmes. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, however ask my opinion on the Twilight saga and I'll laugh in you face. Twilight sucks end of story!

Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite photographer: SilverDemonSoul (my sister)
Favourite style of art: My Sisters
Favourite cartoon character: Stich


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